Wall Street delay at the beginning of a busy week

The New York stock Exchange ended slightly in the green on Monday, without mentioning the fiasco of the G-7 (Photo . )

The New York stock Exchange ended slightly in the green on Monday, without mentioning the fiasco of the g-7 to focus on a week full of events, political and monetary, starting with the meeting on Tuesday between Donald Trump and Kim Jong One.

Its index feature, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has gained 0.02% to 25.322,31 points.

The Nasdaq, with a high technological component, has increased from 0.19% to 7.659,93 points.

The expanded index S&P 500 has risen 0.11% to 2.782,00 points.

“The market continues to be buoyed by the good employment figures in may and growth in the second quarter, bodes well for the next season of company results”, said William Lynch of Hinsdale Association.

In view of the good performance indicators, investors seem for the moment relegating to the background the possible disturbing factors.

“Markets react a little to all the elements, potentially negative, such as trade tensions, rising interest rates or the Italian elections, but it only lasts, in general, not long because the economy is doing rather well”, pointed out Art Hogan of Wunderlich Securities.

So the last skirmishes of Washington with important allies at the G7 summit this weekend in Canada, Donald Trump withdrew his support for the final statement only a few hours after a compromise forged in high-fight, have not disrupted more than that of the investor.

The brokers of Wall Street “seem to feel that unless the situation from escalating into a trade war is widespread, the United States will perhaps in the end benefit from all the ongoing discussions,” commented Mr. Hogan.

They are accustomed to over the months to sudden shifts in relations between Washington and its major trading partners, “considered now as a technique of negotiations,” according to the specialist.

Investors were preparing instead of Monday in a series of events and reports that could enliven markets, with the top of Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong on A Tuesday.

“The expectations (on this meeting) are moderate, they were mitigated by the president Trump” himself, however, has said Mr. Lynch. “If no agreement was found, that brings us back simply to the situation we experienced in the last several years.”

Will also be monitored closely during the week of meetings of the central banks, american and european, as well as a flurry of indicators including figures on consumer prices and production, and retail sales.

The bond market was tightened a bit, the interest rate on Treasury bills to 10-year climbing to 20.20 GMT to 2,952%, compared to 2,946% Friday and the 30 years moving to 3,094% compared with 3,090% to the previous closing.

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