Trump touts the relationship “special” with London after the controversy Brexit

The american president Donald Trump shakes the hand of the First british minister Theresa May on Friday 13 July 2018 during his official visit to Britain (Photo by Stefan Rousseau. POOL)

Donald Trump has leased Friday, the relationship is the “most special” of London, in the aftermath of an attack on the First minister Theresa May on the Brexit, which has caused astonishment and anger in the United Kingdom.

On the second day of a visit that has pushed tens of thousands of protesters into the streets in its “Stop ” Trump”, the us president has opted for a rather conciliatory tone on the way in which he could see the exit of the Uk from the european Union.

It has also been greeted with pomp by queen Elizabeth II at Windsor castle, under a blazing sun, before taking the tea with her in the company of his wife, Melania, an honor that goes badly with many Britons.

At the same time, to Washington, 12 agents of the intelligence service of the Russian have been indicted for the hijacking of the democratic party before the presidential election of 2016, an announcement that could have a strong impact on the last stage in Europe of Mr. Trump, who is scheduled to meet Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

During a press conference particularly unstitched from the country residence of british Prime ministers at Chequers, northwest of London, the tenant of the White House has assured never to have questioned the strategy of Ms. May on the Brexit.

“Whatever you do, I will”, he launched, contradicting his remarks published in the Sun, where he assured that the decision of London to favour a close relationship with the EU would kill him “probably” the possibility of concluding a free trade agreement with the United States.

– Bilateral agreement “ambitious”? –

Showing its willingness to reach a “formidable” agreement of bilateral exchange with London, Mr. Trump wanted to be optimistic: “we want to make of trade with the United Kingdom, they want to do with us”.

Echo Theresa May has referred to its willingness to reach an agreement “ambitious” with Washington after the output of the EU will be effective.

Trying to compensate for the blast caused by his interview in the Sun, the tenant of the White House deplored the way in which the tabloid had transcribed his remarks.

“I said some things very nice about it but they have not put in the title”, he started, before long the praise of Ms. May, weakened within his own conservative party after recent resignations, including that of the minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson.

“This is a very good negotiator, very hard, she is very intelligent, very determined”, has hammered the real estate tycoon.

He took the opportunity, as usual, but with a virulence, to multiply the attacks against the press. “CNN is Fake news. I do not take questions from CNN!”, he thus imparted.

The words of Mr. Trump in the Sun against Ms. May have created a real stir in the United Kingdom. “Where are your manners, Mr. president ?”, tweeted the minister of Education, Sam Gyimah, summing up everyone’s amazement.

This output of Mr. Trump was a slap in the face all the more stinging for Ms. May that, on Thursday night, she had rolled out the red carpet in welcoming him to a dinner at Blenheim palace, residence of countryside near Oxford.

– Meeting with Putin –

The demonstrations against the coming of the real estate magnate culminated with a gathering of several tens of thousands of people to Trafalgar Square (NYSE:SQ) to denounce his immigration policy, his “sexism” and its “denial” of climate change.

Mr. Trump has left London in the end of the day to reach Scotland where he must spend two days on his luxurious resort Turnberry, which has three golf courses.

Ultimate of his european tour, he will then meet with Helsinki where they will meet Monday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

“We have been much more firm on Russia than anyone else,” he said Friday, while the shadow of the investigation on the interference of Russian in the campaign of 2016 hangs over his presidency.

“That being said, if we can develop a relationship” with Mr. Putin, “it would be fantastic,” he added, a few hours before the announcement in Washington of a series of charges of Russian agents.

Asked about a possible cancellation of the meeting, as claimed several elected officials, including the tenor, democrat Chuck Schumer, Sarah Sanders, a spokesperson for the White House, guaranteed that it would indeed take place.

The head-to-head in the highly anticipated, which will be followed by a joint press conference, promises to be particularly delicate for the 45th president of the United States.

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