Trump is said to have reached agreement on the chinese group ZTE

Donald Trump, at the White House in Washington on may 25, 2018 (Photo Mandel NGAN. AFP)

The american president Donald Trump said Friday it has reached an agreement to settle the litigation on the group of chinese telecom ZTE, causing the wrath of the elected representatives of the Congress, democrats or even republicans.

“I have (ZTE), now closed to let the re-open with important security guarantees, a change in the management and the board of directors, the obligation to purchase u.s. components and a fine of $ 1.3 billion,” tweeted the american president.

Mr. Trump has also decried Friday evening the economic policy of its predecessors who have “left the company telecom ZTE prosper without security checks”.

He still castigated the democrats for their “so-called trade agreements that are the laughing stock of the world!”.

His administration had imposed in mid-April, the ban on the export of electronic components americans as microprocessors are essential to the manufacture of smartphones from ZTE, the latter having violated its commitments on the respect of trade embargoes against Iran and North Korea, according to Washington.

This prohibition, enacted for seven years, led the chinese group at the termination of the bulk of its activities involving around 75,000 jobs at risk.

However, these sanctions penalize also the american companies that sold components to ZTE, as was recognized Tuesday by the american president.

Mr. Trump was recently asked by the chinese president Xi Jinping to lift the sanctions, imposed in mid-April to ZTE.

According to the New York Times, citing a source close to the dossier, the agreement provides that us officials would also be hired to ensure that ZTE is put in compliance with u.s. law.

Several Congressional representatives have voiced their disapproval at the prospect of an agreement. This would be “a betrayal bewildering of the american people,” is carried away on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) the head of the democrats in the House of representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

If the administration signed such a text, “president Trump would make his greatness to China”, has ironisé the democratic senator from the State of New York Chuck Schumer, parodying the slogan of the candidate Trump in the presidential campaign of 2016, “let’s Give her greatness to America.”

Mr. Schumer has also called on the two parties of the Congress to unite their forces to block this agreement.

As for the republican senator of Florida Marco Rubio, he believed that the agreement would be “good… for ZTE and China”. “China crushes the us companies without pity, and they use these telecommunications companies for us to spy on us and steal”, he wrote in a tweet.

ZTE had originally been sentenced in march 2017 to $ 1.2 billion fine. The american authorities then had with this fine of a request for change within the directorate.

Questioned vigorously in the Senate on this potential agreement, prior to annoce the president on Twitter, the u.s. secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin had hammered that “any change” to the u.s. sanctions would take into account “issues of the national protection and technologies in the us”.

“The aim was not to dismiss ZTE’s business world. But they respect our sanctions program,” he insisted.

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