Trump and May be in favour of a bilateral agreement to “fast” after the Brexit

Theresa May on December 18, 2017 in the House of commons in London (see Photo HO. PRU)

The First british minister Theresa May and u.s. president Donald Trump emphasized Tuesday the importance of developing a bilateral trade agreement “fast” after the british withdrawal from the EU, according to the account of their exchange released by London.

“Theresa May informed the u.s. president of the last progress made in the negotiations of the Brexit,” said a spokesman for Downing Street.

“They agreed on the importance of securing a bilateral trade agreement fast” after the british withdrawal from the EU, he added.

In a written report released soon after, the White House is, however, remained silent on this topic, merely to emphasize the fact that Mr. Trump had “congratulated” Ms. May to the decision of european leaders to proceed to the second phase of the negotiations on the Brexit.

This conversation is their first direct exchange since the short scrambles that occurred at the end of November, when Theresa May had referred to as an”error,” the replay by the us president tweets anti-muslim. Donald Trump was then replicated with anger.

During their telephone conversation, they also discussed the recognition by the United States of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Theresa May had stressed its disagreement with this decision, she had qualified for a “no help”.

The two leaders “discussed the positions separate” taken on this issue, “and agreed on the importance that the United States will present new proposals for peace which are supported by the international community,” said Downing Street.

They have finally addressed the situation in Yemen, Theresa May outlining his “deep concerns about the humanitarian situation”.

They “agreed on the vital need to reopen humanitarian access and commercial to avoid famine and relieve the suffering of the people of yemen innocent.”

Asked about the date of the visit announced by Donald Trump in the United Kingdom, Sarah Sanders, a spokesperson for the White House, is once again remained elusive.

“The invitation has been accepted, we work with them to finalize details as we hope to announce soon,” she said.

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