Strike pay to Air France: the directorate is a step, still far away to the unions

For the eighth day of the strike, Air France plans to ensure that 70% of its flights (Photo THOMAS SAMSON. AFP)

On the eve of the eighth day of the strike for wages, Air France (PA:AIRF) has proposed on Monday a draft final agreement providing for an increase of 2% immediately and an increase of 5% over three years, still far short of the union demands.

This agreement put on the table at the end of a new day of negotiations, after two days of discussions Thursday and Friday, is submitted for signature until Friday 12: 00 noon, has been provided from the same sources.

It comes to proposals, “a strong and economically sustainable,” according to the direction of the airline in a press release. The intersyndicale called for initially 6% in 2018 at the title of past efforts and the good results of the enterprise, a claim that she was brought back Monday to 5.1%.

This is not the direction to try and find a solution to the ongoing conflict since February, comes on the eve of two new strike days, Tuesday and Wednesday, the other two are already scheduled next week, on April 23 and 24.

The company plans to ensure that on Tuesday, overall 70% of its flights, but only 55% of its long haul flights. Only the first day of the strike, on 22 February, had seen the long-haul most impacted, with 50% of the flights.

Air France anticipates the retention of 65% of its medium-haul flights at the start and to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, as well as 80% of its short-haul flights at Paris-Orly and around the province.

– “Covenant” subject to conditions –

To get out of the conflict, the management had proposed on Friday an overall increase of 2% in 2018, compared with 1% initially expected, and an increase of 3.6% over the period 2019-2021.

For 2018, the 2% increase would be effective immediately, on the 1st of April, and no longer in two times.

As to the increase in salaries of 5% over three years (2019-2021), it would decline to the tune of 1.65% per annum, with a floor of 40 euros monthly.

“With this agreement, salaries would be increased, on average, 12.5%”, underlines Air France, with a general increase of 7% for all categories of staff and of the individual increases (seniority, promotions etc.).

But this “growth pact for the future” is subject to a condition. The expected increases would be appropriate “in the case where the operating income of Air France would be less than 200 million euros” and a clause revoyure applied “in the event of higher inflation or negative result,” says the airline.

Management “has rejected our outstretched hand of 5.1% to 2018,” responded Karim Taïbi FO. “She wants to impose an agreement on wage moderation over three years”, added Jérôme Beaurain (SOUTHERN Air).

Earlier in the day, the intersyndicale was made, “in search of balance and listening,” a proposal of 5.1% in two stages (+3.8% in April and +1.3% in October), based on inflation recognized by the management, stated in a press release.

For the inter-union of pilots (SNPL, Spaf, Alter), hostesses and stewards (SNPNC, Unsa-PNC, CFTC, SNGAF) and personal on the ground (CGT, FO and SUD), this proposal allowed for an “exit to conflict”. “The refuse would be completely irresponsible on the part of management,” she added.

The intersyndicale should meet no later than Thursday.

The management “had mounted this project agreement, all alone in his corner,” added Mr. Beaurain on Monday evening, denouncing a “dialogue of the deaf”.

According to the company, including the days of Tuesday and Wednesday, the cost of the strikes that “imperil the future of the company, amounted to € 220 million.

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