Reassured by the inflation, Wall Street ends up


by Sruthi Shankar, and Noel Randewich

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street finished higher Thursday, a statistics of inflation without much relief having quieted the fears produce a rise in rates accelerated.

The retail prices have rebounded less strongly than expected in April, the rising cost of petrol and rent have been tempered by a moderation of the price of the health.

The inscriptions weekly unemployment were the other statistics of the day.

They remained unchanged last week, remaining near their lowest level in more than 48 years, showing a job market that remains tight.

“This flag (the retail price), argues for a standardization patient on the part of the Fed (federal Reserve), the other side of the coin is that a policy accommodative, extended, has not been successful for the time of accelerating inflation,” said Peter Cecchini (Cantor Fitzgerald).

The Dow Jones has gained 196,99 points, or 0.80 per cent, to 24.739,53 points. The S&P-500 took 25,28 points (0.94 per cent) to 2.723,07 points. The Nasdaq Composite rose 65,07 points (0.89 per cent) to 7.404,98 points.

The S&P-500 has recovered its moving average of 100 days for the first time since 19 April. He had on the previous day exceeded the average of 50 days, an indicator is an important dynamic in the short term.

The 11 major sectoral indices have all finished up.

Boosted by his program of redemption of securities of 100 billion dollars announced last week, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) gained 1.43 percent, supporting the S&P-500 more than any other value and is closing in on 1,000 billion dollars of market capitalization.

Axa (PA:AXAF) Fair gained 1.7% to 20,34 million.

Axa announced on Thursday that it has raised 2.75 billion us dollars in the framework of the implementation of the stock Exchange at $ 20 per share of its u.s. subsidiary, without reaching the bar of the three billion euros referred to help finance the repurchase of XL Group.

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