Mitsubishi Materials falsifying data for years


TOKYO (Reuters) – A subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials has falsified data on its products for years, reports on Thursday, the Nikkei, the last event in date for a series of scandals about the quality control involving japanese manufacturers.

According to the daily economic and financial japanese, Mitsubishi Cable Industries has falsified data on its o-rings, used by hundreds of customers for industrial products such as aircraft. No security problem has so far been detected, ” says the Nikkei, citing several sources.

Mitsubishi Materials could not be contacted in the immediate future, Thursday is a public holiday in Japan.

The article in the Nikkei said that the japanese group has detected the problem after an investigation in the wake of the scandal of falsification of data in Kobe Steel, the third steelmaker japanese.

Mitsubishi Materials holds a 45% interest in a joint venture copper tube with Kobe Steel and the two groups exploit the plant Hatano, in the centre of the scandal false.

Kobe Steel has recognized in the last month have falsified data for quality control, which led to the automotive manufacturers around the world, groups aerospace and other companies to verify the safety and performance of their products.

Confidence in japanese manufacturers also suffered from recent revelations that the motor vehicle manufacturers Nissan (T:7201) and Subaru had not complied with the procedures for final inspection for decades.

(Ritsuko Ando; Claude Chendjou for the French service, edited by Véronique Tison)

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