Donald Trump launches a new charge against Amazon




WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Donald Trump is taken for the second time this week Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), on Saturday, accusing the world number one in the online distribution of benefit from prices that are too advantageous on the part of the us postal service and do not pay enough taxes.

The us president has reiterated on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) the criticism that it had already made Thursday, a day after a news article lending him the desire to limit the power of the giant of e-commerce based on the federal regulation of antitrust.

Critics of Donald Trump, have reduced the share price of Amazon, which has lost $ 24 billion of market capitalisation in two days.

“As long as we talk about this, it is said that the u.s. Postal service will lose on average 1.50 per package that it is being distributed for the account of Amazon. This represents billions of dollars,” tweeted Donald Trump.

“If the Post office was its rates, the costs of shipping to Amazon would increase by $ 2.6 billion”, he added, without specifying where he was pulling those numbers.

“This scam mailing should stop. Amazon must now pay the actual costs (and taxes)!”

(Bill Rigby; Tangi Salaün for the French service)

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