Brexit: Trump soaping the board of Theresa May

The First british minister Theresa May (l) and u.s. president Donald Trump (d September 26, 2018 New York, (Photo by PETER FOLEY. POOL)

The us president, Donald Trump has set foot in the flat on the Brexit criticizing the divorce agreement concluded between the United Kingdom and the european Union, a slap in the face for the First british minister Theresa May at the time where it organizations to convince his country.

Mr. Trump is not at his first attempt: he already has several times extolled the merits of Brexit hard in the past and, according to diplomats, it is not missing an opportunity, in private, criticize the EU, a symbol of a multilateral world that he denounced.

On Monday, he warned that the agreement as it has been been concluded with the EU could harm trade between Washington and London, which is a lot of emphasis on a free trade agreement with its american ally.

“This seems to be a very good agreement for the EU”, he confided to journalists from the White House. “We need to seriously look at whether the Uk is allowed or not to trade”.

“If you look at the agreement, they may not be allowed to do business with us and it would not be a good thing,” insisted the billionaire republican. “This would be a very negative for the agreement,” he added, hoping that Theresa May “will be able to do something about it.”

– Televised debate –

The divorce agreement, concluded on Sunday, after 17 months of difficult negotiations, provides for an initial transition period of 21 months after the Brexit, during which almost nothing will change between the two partners. Then, the United Kingdom will remain in a customs union with the EU if a new commercial relationship is not in place.

Downing Street has responded to Donald Trump that the United Kingdom would be free to conclude its own trade agreements with third countries, thanks to “a trade policy independent.” “We have already laid the foundations of an ambitious trade agreement with the United States,” assured a spokesman.

Nevertheless, these remarks of Mr. Trump falling at the worst possible time for the First minister Theresa May, who is committed to the offensive, forced march, intended to convince that the agreement is the “best possible” prior to its vote on 11 December by members of parliament, very skeptical, and are likely to readjust it.

She started Tuesday on a grand tour of the country to seduce his fellow citizens in the hope that they exercise pressure on their members of parliament, starting with the Countries of Wales and Northern Ireland. And she said she was ready to face the leader of the labour opposition in a televised debate that could be held on the 9th December.

“I’m going to explain why I think this agreement is the right agreement for the Uk”, she said to the tabloid The Sun. “I am ready to discuss with Jeremy Corbyn because I have a plan. He has no plan”.

According to a spokesperson for Labour, Mr Corbyn is eager to respond to the invitation, after having called the agreement’the act of self-harm national”.

– “Doomed to fail” –

The statements of Donald Trump, who did drop the book on Tuesday, will give grain to grind to Brexiters pure and hard, which further complicate the task of persuasion of Theresa May.

The conservative ruling has only a narrow majority of ten votes in the house of Commons. However, its ally in northern ireland, the unionist party DUP opposed the agreement, as around 80 conservative mps in favour of Brexit hard, the labor party, the members of the scottish pro-independence and pro-european of the smaller opposition Liberal democrats.

A sign of its difficulties, one of his faithful, the former Defence minister, Michael Fallon, said Tuesday on the BBC that he would vote against this agreement “doomed to fail”.

In July, during his first official visit to the United Kingdom, Donald Trump had stunned the British by ensuring that the willingness of London to favour a close relationship with the EU would kill him “probably” the possibility of concluding a free trade agreement with the United States after the Brexit. Before going back on his words the next day and show its willingness to reach an agreement a “tremendous” with the British.

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