Berkshire invests in Teva and getting stronger in Apple


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Berkshire Hathaway, the group of Warren Buffett, unveiled Wednesday a participation in the capital of the israeli manufacturer of generic drugs Teva and advised that it had again bought shares of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), which became his main investment in front of Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC).

Berkshire has also almost completed its exit of the capital of the International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM), selling over 94% of what remained of his investment of $ 13.8 billion (11.1 billion euros), which was not the most knowledgeable of the confession even of Warren Buffett. The group has more than 2.05 million of securities IBM , compared to a peak of 81 million, to $ 314 million.

In a paper stock, giving details of its investments at the date of 31 December 2017, Berkshire’s announcement own approximately 18.9 million of certificates of deposits Teva for a value of approximately $ 358 million.

Action Teva traded in New York jumped more than 10% in the transaction after the closing.

Berkshire announced last month a collaboration with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) to create their own business in the health sector, which resulted in a drop in the Stock price of the traditional players in the sector.

The part of Berkshire in Apple has increased approximately 23% since the end of September to reach 165,3 million shares for a value of $ 28 billion. This amount is slightly higher than the 27.8 billion dollars in the bank Wells Fargo.

(Jonathan Stampel; Bertrand Boucey for the French service)

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