Alstom: memorandum of agreement with the iraqi government

© Reuters. Alstom: memorandum of agreement with the iraqi government

Alstom (PA:ALSO) reported on Wednesday mid-day have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the iraqi government for the development of urban transport in Baghdad and Basra.

The first project covered by this MoU is intended to implement a bts station about 20 kilometers in the iraqi capital, with the provision of the rolling stock, electromechanical systems, pathways, and the civil engineering works associated with it. The light rail system would connect Al-Mustansiriyah, AlShab, Al-Wazyria, the bridge Alsarafia AlEtafia, Al-Khadumia, the airport Al Muthana and Al-Alawi.

The second project focuses on the development of the subway system in Basra, which includes 2 lines, raised about 30 miles each, with 15 stations and a depot for each row from north to south, from Zubair until in Shat Alarab, and from the east to the west, from Karma to the desert.

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