A start-up canadian brew beer with cannabis

A canadian company began brewing the first beer-flavoured cannabis in the world (Photo JUSTIN SULLIVAN. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA)

Surfing on the decriminalization of impending cannabis in Canada, a young company and a university have begun to stir what they describe as the first beer in the world flavored with the soft drug. “Buzz” fast guaranteed.

Province Brands of Canada has received a grant of 300,000 canadian dollars (195.218 euros) of the province of Ontario (centre) to create a beverage “highly intoxicating” that is less dangerous than alcohol, according to the terms of the company established in Toronto.

It is associated, for the part of research and development, at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, in which the center of cannabis research is contracted by the federal government.

Like other local businesses, the start-up is betting on the popularity of the edible products derived from the cannabis plant, in the wake of the decriminalization of this drug by the government of Justin Trudeau, which is expected in the course of the summer.

However, the marketing of derivatives, such as pastries, confections, or drinks marijuana should not be allowed before the second half of 2019.

The leader of the Province Brands of Canada, Dooma Wendschuh, wants to believe that, in the wake of the decline of the smoking, canadian consumers are looking for alternative ways to consume cannabis.

“So we’re trying to adapt (our product) social habits such as having a conversation around a glass,” said Friday, AFP, Mr. Wendschuh, noting that the psychoactive substances most popular, alcohol and coffee, already consume almost only in the form of a drink.

It was not easy to find the right recipe for this beer, ” notes Mr. Wendschuh: “we have consulted several master brewers, and in the beginning, the idea of making beer from the plant cannabis was a good laugh”.

Among the problems to be overcome: the fact that cannabis takes more time to do the effect on the body when it is digested, rather than smoked. The effect can take two hours to be felt when the cannabis is eaten or drunk, whereas the effect of the alcohol can be felt a few minutes after the end of his glass.

Without giving precision, citing the strategic issues, the boss of the brewer in canada ensures that this problem has been resolved, and that his drink releases the psychotic affects of cannabis quickly after being ingested.

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