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Autolib’ will stop, but at a date still unknown

“Hidalgo fiasco !, Hidalgo fiasco ! “: in front of the mairie of the 12th arrondissement, Thursday, June 21, a few hundred employees of Autolib’ were chanting this slogan. While on the stairs, in front of them, Philippe Brillault, mayor (Republican) of Chesnay (Yvelines), explained, mic in hand, he would defeat “the decision of the […]

Employment : the proletarians are among us

Book. Karl Marx died one hundred and thirty-five years, but his thought remains alive and well and still gives the keys to understanding the world of business and, more broadly, on the functioning of our society. This is the thesis defended by Sarah Abdelnour, senior lecturer in sociology at the university of Paris-Dauphine, in a […]

How we makes we addicted to our apps ?

Forum. As we well know, social networks, instant messengers, apps, booking, news, watch videos… all to keep their users for as long as possible on their pages. They can collect data on them, to expose them to the broadcasting of personalized advertisements. This is what is called the attention economy. But the genesis and the […]

Strike at the SNCF : traffic less disturbed Friday

The rail traffic will be less disrupted on Friday 22 June in relation to the strike days previous. The direction of the SNCF, announced on Thursday that it expected nine-TGV-in-ten, three TER five and two Transilien on three. It is also envisaged three trains-City on five and four crews in international trains, on five for […]