Automotive : China to change the rules of the game

Chronic ” Loss & Profit “. In the art of war, chinese, theorized as early as the Ancient strategist Sun Tzu, we have stayed away from direct confrontation and bulges of torso and pitched battles. The victory, which is achieved by the encirclement, the proportionate response and the drying up of the resources of the […]

Relevant trade ideas on 19.04.2018

Hello. let’s see what interesting to trade in the Forex market on 19.04.2018 EURUSD EURUSD has formed another pattern Doji at the level of 1.24000. the overall picture in the statistics of transactions are also not changed and the advantage on the side of sellers. Will probably continue to rise to 1.2500 again. EURGBP On […]

Accounts not published Lactalis or Bigard: stiffer penalties

The agri-food conglomerates that do not publish their annual accounts shall be further punished, decided Wednesday that deputies in the commission, targeting companies such as Lactalis or Bigard, in the framework of the examination of the draft law agriculture and food. An amendment adopted during consideration of the text in the committee on economic Affairs, […]

The CGT Energy will cut the power to the employers who are laying off

The FNME-CGT, first union organization in the energy industry, announced Wednesday its intention to strike until the end of June for “a new service for electricity and gas”, with shares including “cuts targeted” businesses. The federation of energy wants to implement a “convergence of struggles”, explained Sébastien Menesplier, secretary general of the CGT Mines-Energy, so […]

Ferragamo puts in place an executive committee

© Reuters. FERRAGAMO PUTS IN PLACE AN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MILAN (Reuters) – The group of Italian luxury, Salvatore Ferragamo is going to put in place an executive committee to carry out its reorganization, which will delay the recruitment of a new executive director, reported on Wednesday two sources. Its president Ferruccio Ferragamo has temporarily assumed […]