FUTUREN will hold an annual ordinary general Meeting on the 28th of June 2017

https://www.actusnews.com/documents_communiques/ACTUS-0-48785-cp-ag-28-juin-2017.pdf Download the free guideBoost your gainsThe shareholders of FUTUREN are informed that the Company will hold an annual ordinary general Meeting : Wednesday 28 June 2017 at 14: 00 the Mill of the Récense – CD 19 13122 Ventabren FUTUREN is published today in the BALO (Bulletin des annonces légales obligatoires) of the notice […]

IDB Bank® is deploying the platform Linedata Capitalstream

PARIS, NEW YORK, SEATTLE, TORONTO and LONDON, may 24, 2017 – Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), editor of solutions dedicated to the professionals of the asset management, insurance, and credit, today announced that Israel Discount Bank of New York (IDBNY) has chosen to deploy Linedata Capitalstream, a platform of reference dedicated to the specialists of appropriations […]

Orange Fab, the international network of acceleration for start-ups of Orange, extends in Belgium and…

The international network accelerator Orange Fab is now accessible to start-up located in Belgium and Luxembourg. Start-ups now have access to 14 Orange Fab in the world. Through Orange Fab, start-ups selected will be offered a specific support allowing them to accelerate their development in Belgium, in Luxembourg as well as internationally via the global […]

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