The weather of the forex from 15 to 19 may 2017

The forex can sometimes be difficult to grasp, especially for beginning traders it is why we now offer you every Friday on to popularize the subject by offering an article at the tone shifted somewhat.

Even if the pair is down this week, the pound sterling did a little ground on the u.s. dollar. She started forward slowly at first then with more force, on Thursday, finally ending a little above the levels of last Monday.

Hectic week between the two currencies, the united states. The pair has, in effect, alternating upward trends and downward with amplitudes more or less important. In the end it is the dollar CAD, which eventually won.

The euro had a good week relative to the pound sterling. The pair is, in effect, committed on a rising trend, significant on Monday and Tuesday, a trend that it has maintained until today.

The us dollar achieves a poor week against the japanese yen. The pair of registers, in effect, a significant decline in the beginning of the week, a decline that it never managed to fill.

After a good start to the week, the euro against the japanese yen, the european currency has not managed to maintain its lead as the trend reversed. It contains, however, some colors since yesterday.

The euro had a good week relative to the u.s. dollar. The pair has, in effect, started an upward trend on Monday, a trend that it has preserved until today. The european currency is catching up as well, a part of its earlier losses.

Hectic week between the us and australian dollars. The pair has, in effect, alternating upward trends and downward. Currently, the trend seems, however, to leave to the advantage of the dollar AUD.

Poor performance of the euro against the swiss franc this week. The pair, indeed, lost a lot of ground until yesterday and then it was recovery, thus limiting the damage. Currently the trend is therefore bullish.

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