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Stockholm, Sweden – CLX Communications AB (publ) – XSTO:CLX

CLX Communications held on Friday the 19th of may there is a 14:00 annual general meeting in Kista Science Tower, Färögatan 33, Kista, Stockholm, sweden.

Adoption of income statement and balance sheet, dispositions regarding the company’s profit or loss and discharge

The meeting resolved to adopt the presented income statement and balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet, and decided on the discharge for the board of directors, the managing director and deputy managing director for the financial year 2015/16.

The general meeting decided, in accordance with the board’s proposal not to distribute any dividend for the financial year 2015/16.

The election of the board of directors and auditor

The agm resolved that the board of directors shall consist of six members without deputies and decided on the re-election of Erik Fröberg, Johan Stuart, Charlotta Falvin and Kjell Arvidsson. Further elected Renée Robinson Strömberg and Björn Zethraeus as new board members. Erik Fröberg was elected as chairman of the board. The members of the board Jonas Fredriksson and Helena Nordman-Knutson had declined re-election.

As an accountant, was re-elected Deloitte AB

Decision on directors ‘ fees

The annual general meeting decided that remuneration shall be paid with sek 250,000 to each of the board members who are not employees of the company, with sek 550,000 to the chairman of the board. In addition, it was decided that remuneration shall be paid with sek 40,000 to each of the members of the audit committee and with sek 80,000 to the chairman of the audit committee.

Principles for the nomination committee

The agm approved the principles for appointing the nomination committee in accordance with the nomination committee’s proposal, which means that these principles are largely unchanged from the previous year.

Remuneration to senior executives

The agm approved the guidelines and conditions for the remuneration of senior executives proposed by the board of directors. Compensation should reflect the CLX’s need to recruit and motivate qualified employees through a remuneration package that is perceived as fair and being at a competitive level. The remuneration shall consist of fixed salary, short – and long-term variable compensation (including any share-based incentive programmes), pension, other benefits and severance pay.

Authorization for the board to decide on new issues of shares

The general meeting decided to authorise the board to, on one or several occasions during the period until the next annual general meeting, resolve on new issue of shares, and such issuance shall be made with deviation from the shareholders ‘ preferential rights. The board of directors may decide on the issue of shares that involves an increase of the company’s share capital by a maximum of 10% of the company’s registered share capital at the time of the board of directors for the first time uses the authorisation.

The purpose of the authorisation and the reasons for a possible deviation from shareholders ‘ preferential rights is to enable the raising of capital for the acquisition of companies or parts of companies, and for the company’s movement.

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If CLX Communications

CLX Communications (CLX) is a leading global provider of cloud-based communications services and solutions to enterprises and mobile operators. CLX mobile communication services makes it possible for companies to quickly, securely and cost-effectively communicate globally with their customers and connected devices – IoT (Internet of Things).

CLX solutions enable business-critical communication across the world through mobile messaging services (SMS), voice services, and mobile konnektivitets services for the IoT. CLX has since the company was founded grown with profitability. The group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and a presence in 20 additional countries.

CLX Communications share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm – XSTO:CLX.

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